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Patricia is always up for a challenge and specialises in active travel. Surfing, horse-riding, skiing, hiking, kriotherapy - she'll have a go at almost anything.


Patricia loves exploring the world, and prides herself on finding as much of interest and absurdity in rural Britain as in downtown Delhi. Her adventurous spirit will often lead her into challenging and even foolhardy pursuits.



Rowing and Regatta magazine

La Dolce Vita

Holidaying on Lake Como with coaching in rowing and Italian cuisine - what could be better? Patricia Carswell takes a trip to Bellagio with a surprising twist.


Ten of the best spas

Whether you’re looking to escape a needy client or simply enjoy a well-deserved rest, Patricia Carswell has a spa that will save your sanity.


Queen of Retreats

Meet your new Spa Therapist

Patricia Carswell follows the honey trail to Slovenia's second city to see whether the bee therapy buzz is as sweet as it sounds.


Sainsbury's Bank Money Matters

Who says you need to head overseas for an adventure?

Patricia Carswell shows us just how many sites there are to discover this summer, right here in the UK.

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 Freelance Journalist Patricia Carswell
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