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Although Patricia can (and does) tackle heavyweight issues, there’s always room in her life for a bit of frivolity.

This section covers topics that are a little less earnest, from charity balls to beeping cars – anything, in short, that doesn’t come under the other categories.

However superficial the subject, Patricia takes this kind of writing just as seriously as more sober topics and will deliver well-researched copy, written to the same standard as her other work.



Freelance journalist Patricia Carswell writes for The National

If massages leave you more enraged than relaxed, it could be down to the music


I'm snugly wrapped in a dry flotation cocoon, aromatherapy scents filling the air. Yet, despite the dream-like atmosphere, I'm becoming increasingly tense and tetchy. The problem isn't the spa, or the treatment, which is wonderful. What's getting me in a lather - and rapidly defeating the object of the exercise - is the music. Read more...

Patricia Carswell: Freelance Journalist: Articles for The Lady Magazine, London

The Party's not Over


As the website of one charitable fundraiser trills, 'We're putting the FUN back into FUNdraising'. While the wording might make one cringe, it does capture the essence of the jolliest event of the British season: the charity ball.

Freelance journalist Patricia Carswell writes for The Observer

Somewhere off the coast of England
Interview by Patricia Carswell

Radio Caroline started on Easter Sunday in 1964. I was captivated from day one. It was an immediate, personal thing; the disc jockeys were actually talking to you, rather than remotely as they did on the BBC. Read more...

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 Freelance Journalist Patricia Carswell
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