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Although Patricia can (and does) tackle heavyweight issues, there’s always room in her life for a bit of frivolity.

This section covers topics that are a little less earnest, from charity balls to beeping cars – anything, in short, that doesn’t come under the other categories.

However superficial the subject, Patricia takes this kind of writing just as seriously as more sober topics and will deliver well-researched copy, written to the same standard as her other work.



Freelance journalist Patricia Carswell writes for Westonbirt, The National Arboretum

Carrying the torch


Local equestrian and Olympic medallist, Jane Holderness- Roddam, is to be one of the Olympic torchbearers for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Patricia Carswell talks to her about her life, Westonbirt and eventing.

Freelance journalist Patricia Carswell writes for The National

Thinking of getting a dog? Thinking is how you get it right


The news that a dog was mauled to death by an American Staffordshire terrier at this year's Dubai Pet Show will have shocked many people, especially at an event designed as a family day out. Read more...

Freelance journalist Patricia Carswell writes for The Daily Telegraph

Giffords Circus:
Smart way to give us a ring


A tall, striking woman in a black riding habit is mounted, side-saddle, on a magnificent chestnut horse with a plaited forelock and oiled hooves. At her command, the animal rears up and a hawk, perched on her gloved hand, then spreads its wings.

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 Freelance Journalist Patricia Carswell
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