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Patricia is a bit of a green freak (not tiresomely so, you understand), so it’s no great surprise that she writes a fair bit on the subject.

If it’s remotely to do with the environment, she'll cover it: sustainable living, green families, eco travel – you name it.

Patricia is also knowledgeable about gardens and vegetable-growing and has even opened her own garden to the public (never again, as it happens, but that’s another story).



Freelance journalist Patricia Carswell writes for The Independent

We got the power: How we created our own hydro-electric pump

"She's a thirsty bitch, but she'll keep you warm, mind." The plumber's verdict on our new, oil-fired boiler summed up our attitude to fuel when we moved to this draughty Welsh mill house four years ago.


Freelance journalist Patricia Carswell writes for Westonbirt, The National Arboretum

Man of the woods
Ben Law is a traditional woodsman, coppice worker and eco-builder. He became famous when the construction of his cruck house, built from timber harvested from his own woods, was featured on Grand Designs in 2003.

Freelance journalist Patricia Carswell writes for Healthy Organic Living Magazine

Slim waste: How feasible is it to become a waste-free family?

With a fridge full of organic veg, a burgeoning compost heap and neatly labelled recycling bags, we always considered ourselves to be a reasonably green family.








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 Freelance Journalist Patricia Carswell
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