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Patricia is a bit of a green freak (not tiresomely so, you understand), so it’s no great surprise that she writes a fair bit on the subject.

If it’s remotely to do with the environment, she'll cover it: sustainable living, green families, eco travel – you name it.

Patricia is also knowledgeable about gardens and vegetable-growing and has even opened her own garden to the public (never again, as it happens, but that’s another story).



Economia Magazine - Foraging

How to go foraging

It’s a wild world out there, with delicacies and treasures ripe for the picking. Patricia Carswell goes foraging


Freelance journalist Patricia Carswell writes for Economia

Gardeners' paradise

If you’re looking for a lawn that will make the Joneses wilt with envy, now’s the time to get going in the garden. But creating your own piece of perfection doesn’t have to be time-consuming, as Patricia Carswell explains...


Freelance journalist Patricia Carswell writes for Westonbirt, The National Arboretum

Alys Fowler : The Gardener
Interview by Patricia Carswell

Alys Fowler gardener, author and TV presenter - has made gardening accessible to all generations with her quietly radical, refreshing style. Here she shares her love of trees (and Westonbirt) and what inspires her to garden.


Freelance journalist Patricia Carswell writes for  The Guardian

Going with the power flow

This season I will mostly be doing a rain dance. It's not that I enjoy a downpour - rather it's the only way to ensure that our hydro-electric scheme will pay for itself. Read more...

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 Freelance Journalist Patricia Carswell
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