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Patricia Carswell has a particular interest in family and parenting issues. She has two teenage sons so can write about teenagers with some authority, though is equally happy to tackle baby and toddler subjects.

Patricia also writes about education and has covered topics such as home education and sport in schools.




Freelance journalist Patricia Carswell writes for Parentdish

Why I won't spy on my teen online (however tempting!)

The icon winks at me, goading me to press it. "Go on", it whispers. "What harm could it do?" A popping sound and another one appears. Holliiiieeexxxx (no doubt some wildly unsuitable female temptress) is online. Read more...

Freelance journalist Patricia Carswell writes for The National

Parental peace of mind

It was the wholemeal muffins that broke Kate Shanahan's spirit. Before her first daughter was even born, and wrestling with the demands of work and pregnancy, she discovered that in addition to taking folic acid and doing the occasional yoga move, she was now "supposed" to be eating home-made oat bran muffins sweetened with orange juice. Or so the baby book said.  Read more...



















 Freelance Journalist Patricia Carswell
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